The Disability Unite Festival Will Return!

The Disability Unite Festival Will Return!

Thank you to everyone who joined us in celebrating Disability Pride! If you were not able to join us live don't worry, the festival will return! Stay tuned for the full show on our YouTube channel soon, and follow us on social media for news about more exciting events from Disability Unite and our partners.

Event Program

  • 4:00PM - 4:15PM 4 Wheel City / The Merry Rockers / Question / Josh Keller
  • 4:15PM - 4:30PM Matthew Herrera / Autumn Weaver / Revolt / Silas Raines
  • 4:30PM - 4:45PM Mackenzie Smith / Logan Riman / Moira Williams / Kevin D'Ambrosio
  • 4:45PM - 5:00PM Special Olympics Special Announcement / John Bramblitt / Colton Hill (Exocat)
  • 5:00PM - 5:25PM Heidi Latsky Dance / Theatre Breaking Through Barriers / FMDG Music School
  • 5:25PM - 5:45PM Omnium Circus / Latizmo Hip Hop / Krip Hop Nation / Rising Phoenix
  • 5:45PM - 6:05PM Mezzo & Lachi / Wheelchair Sports Camp / The Blind Boys of Alabama
  • 6:05PM - 6:30PM Antoine Hunter / Sidiki Conde / The Merry Rockers

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