Our Community

As the fight for disability rights continues, we would like to acknowledge our Community Partners. Each has shown incredible dedication and support to the disability community and the disability rights cause. It is up to each of us to lead by example, and as our community grows, we call upon others to join in advocating for equality and inclusion for all.

A circle currounding D I A with three stripes and a star
Logo of GLAAD, the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation
Logo of the new york city public advocate office
Logo of the Manhattan Transit Authority
Logo of new york city department of cultural affairs
Logo of materials for the arts
Museum, Arts Culture Access Consortium is written on a curved line wrapping around the Mac acronym
The Humanity & Inclusion logo contains a dark blue hand. It is meant to symbolize transcending language and culture. Next to the hand are the words “humanity and inclusion.”
Logo of ICD Institute for Career Development
Logo of the female quotient
Puple and green cube next to the words Lighthouse Guild
Hearing Loss Association Logo of New York City Chapter
logo of 504 Democratic Club
Logo of United Spinal
The letters M and S with a slash going through them, as if there was no more multiple sclerosis
A dark green handprint with the words Cerebral Palsy Alliance Research Foundation below it.
Logo of Special Olympics New York
Logo of NYU Office of Global Inclusion, Diversity, & Strategic Innovation
Wheelchair with a person sitting in it reaching for a star
Logo of National Action Network
Stylized logo of Blue and green letter &quotK" followed by words Kessler Foundation
Logo of the rubin foundation
Logo of Mertz Gilmore
Logo of TD bank charitable foundation
Logo of councilwoman Carlina Rivera, 2nd Council District, Manhattan
Logo of council member Gale Brewer
Logo of Council member Eric Dinowitz
logo of City Council District 37
logo of Council Member Linda Lee
logo of City Council District 8
logo of Council Member Keith Powers
logo of Council Member Shaun Abreu
logo of City Council of New York 25
logo of Council Member Amanda Farías Office
logo of Council Member Alexa Avilés
Logo of council member Lynn Schulman
Logo of CWA Local 1180
Logo of Art Beyond Sight
Young girl with long white hair in bright red shirt and flowered skirt jumping on a trampoline.
Black logo for the social services organization, AHRC New York City
Logo of ReelAbilities
logo depicts the words Independence Care System
Logo reads Self-Advocacy Association of New York State SANYS People with developmental disabilities speaking up for ourselves and others
Logo of Achilles International
Logo of Dance NYC
Logo of New york city emergency management
A red arch that begins thin on the left and broadens as it arcs above the text &quotDRA, Disability Rights Advocates, A non-profit corporation"
Logo of Coherit Associates
Logo of Bridge Multimedia
On the left is a white capital letter T in a purple circle, surrounded by a large capital C. To the right of that appears Total in purple capital letters, Caption in black upper case, under it says Hear, There and Everywhere
Logo of Chinatown Partnership
Logo of include N Y C
Logo of help New york city
Logo of JCCC Manhattan
Logo of Bridging Education and Art Together
Logo of Harlem Independent Living Center
Logo of Bronx Independent Living Services
Logo of Brooklyn Center for Independence of the Disabled
The world CO/LAB is written with the CO in an orange circle.
A figure in what appears to be a wheelchair over the word Able in large letters. Below are the words The newspaper positively for, by and about the disabled, www.ablenews.com
The logo of Diversability
Large white text on a red background reads &quotART NEW YORK." Beneath that, smaller red text on a white background reads &quotALLIANCE OF RESIDENT THEATRES."
MAF- Representing Making Authentic Friendships
logo of The Asian Americans with Disabilities Initiative
Logo of KEEN New York
Logo of Humanitarian Focus Foundation
Logo of global student government
Logo of Para Arts
Dwellability is home sharing for people with disabilities...by people with disabilties
Green labyrinth outlining a white &quotS" with black text that reads: &quotStarkloff Disability Institute" on top of &quotThe Workforce, Workplace Disability Advisor."
Logo of Saori Arts New York city
Logo of Parker Hanski LLC
California Relay Service | Hamilton Relay
Deaf mother with deaf baby teaching sign language of mother
The words Full Radius are written in red. Below it, the word Dance is in white. The logo also includes a circle which can be interpreted as a wheel.
Turnstile Tours lettering in yellow and black with turquoise and orange backgrounds
Three hand print facing each other on teal blue rectangle A*R*T WORKS
Logo of FMDG Music School
Blue circle with two blue arrows in center mimicking the shape of a tree, black lettering to right reads The Family Tree Raising Families Up
ReinventAbility logo with pointed foot and wheelchair spokes.
Logo of ArteConTacto
Orange square background with white block letters that read New 42.
Logo text reads   "FMDG Music School, The Filomen M. D'Agostino Greenberg Music School",  the image of a piano keyboard runs along the length of the &quotF", the words Music School appear in braille below the text
zcodanceproject-  "dancing beyond disability  "t
Colors: white/transparent, black & blue; “NYC Smoke-Free” in Blue and Black Letters at the top: below sits a blue illustration of various NYC landmarks from the 5 boroughs merged as a skyline. “Public Health Solutions” is at the bottom in black letters
Logo of Special needs group
Logo of daniels music foundationns” is at the bottom in black letters
Logo of Extreme Kids & Crew
Purple and Blue with White LittleWins Logo
Logo of Freedom Motors USA
Encore Studio for the Performing Arts
Asperger Works - Putting Autism to Work
Logo of Parker Autism Center
Karen Peterson and Dancers 30 years of physically integrated dance in South Florida (dancer image jumps in the air and an image of a wheel from a wheelchair fills the letter O in the word Peterson
This says EPIC Players.  The word EPIC is very large. The E, I, and C are black.  The P is purple and is also the P for the word Players that is below.  At the bottom it says in black,   "A neuro-inclusive theatre company. "
Logo, man in wheelchair over outlinne of earth, with text WheelchairTravel.org, Open your world.
Logo of Tami Lyn show
Blue box with yellow connecting hands in the shape of California state
Logo of floorcurl
Collis Curve Toothbrush written in cursive letters with a drawing of the toothbrush above
Logo of EMP Living
Teal green and maize oval button with black "Suits on Wheels"
Logo of I R T Theater
Logo of Tech Kids Unlimited
Logo of consultnet
Logo of Access V R

To learn more about affiliated partners visit projectaccessforall.org

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